Non-Woven Waste Disposal Methods

Non-woven fabric production and processing process will inevitably produce a large number of waste, how to deal with these non-woven fabric waste, is a very tricky problem for non-woven fabric production enterprises, non-woven fabric waste after recycling and reuse, not only can save resources, but also reduce the production cost of non-woven fabric enterprises!

Non-woven waste treatment method:

Due to the wide application of mufang cloth, it is inevitable to produce some mufang cloth waste in the production process. Although they are waste, but after careful processing, it can also become a good quality finished fabric, but the price of non-woven fabric waste, such as pp non-woven fabric waste, is much lower than non-waste, with waste to make non-woven fabric finished products is very cost-effective.

Non-woven fabric as a kind of environmental protection materials, its characteristics is easy to decompose, non-toxic, in the production of a large number of waste, can be degraded through the late, re production for non-woven fabric, which can reduce a large number of production costs for enterprises.

Non-woven fabric in the production of cut, some cloth or a large surplus, and these waste used to produce trinkets is very suitable, in addition in some plush toys, or other toys, as a filler, is also very reasonable.

As a waste cloth, purchase material price is low, but the finished product price as described above, such a profit space is not very big? Of course, some of the finished non-woven fabric requirements of high quality, can not be used like pp non-woven waste and other non-fanceless cloth scraps produced except! Therefore, the use of Wufang fabric waste to produce a variety of finished non-woven fabrics, such as environmental protection shopping bags, clothing lining, packaging interlining, etc.

Non-woven fabric processing after the remaining non-woven waste, if not the correct treatment, not only will produce environmental pollution, at the same time in the process of processing will waste a lot of manpower and material resources, if the non-woven fabric processing after the remaining waste for correct treatment and recycling and utilization, not only can save cloth, can also greatly reduce the production cost of non-woven fabric enterprises!

Post time: Jan-05-2023