Reasons for Non Woven Fabric Recycling

Tara Olivo, associate editor04.07.15
Reasons for Non Woven Fabric Recycling
The sensible use of raw materials, the recycling of edge trims, for example, and the development of products, which support closed material cycles even after use are therefore important and, at the same time, self-evident to us.
Economically, there are several advantages because of the established value chain for polyester, citing the collecting and recycling of polyester drinking bottles as an example. They are reprocessed into so-called bottle flakes, which in turn are processed into polyester fibers. Thus, recycled fibers are readily available as a raw material for nonwovens production and, additionally, these possibilities of up-cycling support closed material cycles.
Customers are looking for products that offer some ecological benefit in addition to performing their specific function. Nonwovens that are partially made from recycled raw materials and are recyclable themselves after use offer this combination of functionality and sustainability.

Post time: Jul-29-2022