Kingtech Cotton Waste Recycling Machine

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Openers Combined With Cleaners

Cotton Waste Recycling Machine open and tear the waste cotton and finally making waste cotton softer and cleaner with the centrifugal power from high roller speed

Suitable For Processing Waste cotton, used quilts, ,rags, linen etc

Machine Group can be different according to different Material, Such as One or Two Openers Working With 4 or 6 or 8Cleaners

Regenerated fibers For Spinning

Equipped With Fire/Smoke Detector

Clothed With Metallic Wire

Dia Cylinder 500/600mm

Working Width 1000/1300mm

Production 200-350KG/Hour

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Traditional Type, Openers Work With Cleaners to make up a Whole Line of Cotton Waste Recycling Line. Opener Tear the Waste Fabric into Small Pieces or Semi Fiber Conditions and Cleaner will proceed Combing the Material into Pure Fiber gradually . According to Different Material, the Machine Group can be one or Two Openers with 4 or 6 or 8Cleaners. Generally, more Machines involved, the Shorter Fiber Output.
This Traditional Model is more Suitable For Processing Waste cotton, used quilts, ,rags, linen etc, and Final Output Serve the Industry of OE Spinning.
All Cylinder Clothed Metallic Wire.
Working Width 1000/1300mm , Dia Cylinder 500/600mm, Production 200-350KG/Hour.

Cotton old cloth fabric waste recycle textile yarn recycling machine for sale
Recycling all kinds of textile waste ( cotton fabric polyester, knitting hosiery fabric ,denim waste, hard waste tread yarn , clothing and garment rags). Getting the fiber from these waste enable to use for rotor spinning and other textile business purpose and making non woven product. Recycling machine make good use of waste material and save cost make benefit , Recycling machine normally be used in spinning mills garment mills weaving mills cotton mills non-woven fabric mills and fabric cotton waste processing mills.

Product Advantages

This machine is used for recycling all kind of yarn waste,hard waste (cotton and polyester), fabric, carpet, flax and so on.
new type machine advantage is:
1. Capacity is bigger and power saving.
2. Machine operating safe and clean, easy to operate, no need to maintain, machine strong and durable.
3. new system of dust cleaner and waste material backing system.use two pipe inside which is efficient.
4. fireproofing. any small fire happened, inside no air,so not easy to fire more,easy to finish fire to save machine.

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