Kingtech Laboratory Type Needle Punching Line

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Designed For Sample Needle Punching Fabric Making in Laboratory.

It is a Specially Designed Needle Punching Production Line. To meet the Requirement of University or Enterprises Lab, we design it as a Mini Type, which keep the fundamental function of a Normal Needle Punching Line, but occupy very small Area. When Customer want to Test New Fiber or Fabric or New Art Technology, Our Mini Production Line is very Suitable. And even For those who have no high demand for Production, but Produce High Value-Added Fabric, this line cannot be better to regard as an Ordinary Production Line.

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Main Features

Light structure,easy operation and maintenance.
Small in size suitable for us in laboratory and school.
The machines can be in compliance with cleanroom standards
Possibility to add cutting and winding equipment
Management of all the line by control panel
Customized line layouts or machines to match specific process requirements

Raw Materials

Natural and synthetic fibers and regenerated fibers, polyester fiber,
polypropylene fiber, polyacrylonitrile fiber, nylon, rayon etc..
For use in colleges and research units in experimental development of non-woven products.

Various Applications

Needlepunch can be used for a large number of markets, such as:
• Geotextiles
• Automotive
• Filtration
• Furniture
• Roofing felts
• Coating substrates
• Artificial and synthetic leathers
• Flooring
• High technology

Model KTL1000NP


Application For Fiber 0.5-300D, Length≤90mm
Working Width 500mm:
Pre-Opener, Fine-Opener, Storing Box, Feeding Box, Carding Machine,
Cross Lapper, Laying Width 0-1200mm,
Web Feeding System, Working Width 1100mm
Pre-Punching Machine, Working Width 1100mm
Up-Stroke Punching Machine, Working Width 1100mm
Down-Stroke Punching Machine, Working Width 1100mm
Cutter & Winder, Web Width 1000mm

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After years of development, our machines and systems have been greatly improved, from stand-alone to combined systems, can meet different material requirements. We look forward to more friends to join us and grow together with us!

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